10 Reasons to Take Inventory of Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe


Now that the polar vortex season is behind us, it is time to see what we need and want in our wardrobe.

  1. Styles have changed since last year. If you are a gal who buys trendy pieces (or even if you didn’t) you just might need/want some new pieces. You don’t want to look like last year – this is 2014!
  2. YOU have changed. So let’s get rid of anything you did not wear last year especially if you don’t love it. There are many people out there who would be thrilled to have your cast offs. Find someone or somewhere to donate the items to.
  3. Colors have changed. The Pantone color of the year is Radiant Orchid – an amazing vibrant color that brings on the best in all of us!  Gotta have something in that color! A trend now is to pair a pastel with a bright. Such fun! (check out the Pantone website for their spring color palette)
  4. Those 2013 impulse buys evoke “what was I thinking?” now. Maybe what you wore with it last year isn’t all that good this year – look at options to pair it will something else.
  5. Just seeing your favorite pieces again will lift your spirits and help you figure what to wear with them this year.
  6. Don’t forget those shoes and sandals.  If they hurt your feet even when you wore them for a short time, come on! We have enough pain in our lives without having more!  Donate!
  7. More room for new things!
  8. Make room to hide whatever snacks you don’t want the kids to find!
  9. Make room for YOU to hide when you just need to get away without leaving home!
  10. 10.   Last but not least – seeing what you have and even what you think you need, look at your JEWELRY wardrobe!  The quickest and least expensive way to update your look is with jewelry.  Maybe that Radiant Orchid is not your color, but a splash of it in earrings or a bracelet could be enough!

And don’t forget those long lost pieces in the jewelry box, shoe box or closet.  Dust ‘em off, show them the light of day, and let’s redesign a new, trendy, 2014 conversation starter!

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