Spring 2014 Fashion – A Season of Colorful Equilibrium!

After this long and harsh winter in the US, we are all ready for the colors of spring!

I don’t know about you, but I think Pantone really hit it out of the park with 2014′s Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid. For all of us purple gals, this is the best news!  My favorite way to wear the color of the year – in jewelry!

For some, this bright lavender is just a bit too much in apparel (don’t really know why?) but jewelry is always the perfect way to brighten up your look! Anyway, I thought I would share a little “colorful” inspiration with you as we keep moving deeper into 2014. I really like all the colors although I will admit, some more than others.

Three very adaptable pastels sit on one end of the palette; they can be creatively combined with any other color in the spectrum to create a trendsetting style:

The neutrals, Sand, lightly toasted and warm, and Paloma, a soft warm gray, can be paired with any of the pastels as well as the brights. Pairings of both neutrals will evoke a sophisticated subtle statement.

For those of us who are not afraid of color or calling attention to ourselves, the brights are exciting.  They are perfect companions to pastels, and add confidence and vivacity when mixed with other bold colors.

  • Cayenne, a high-pitched red that adds some spice
  • Freesia, a blazing yellow, tropical, floral-inspired shade
  • Celosia Orange, an optimistic, spontaneous hue
  • Dazzling Blue, a scintillating opposite to Placed Blue
  • Radiant Orchid, a cross between lavender and purple but with a punch!

So play with color – you have my permission to get your hands dirty!

If the pastels are your choice for apparel, at least come up with some new pairings.

If you are shy about the brights, use them as a splash in your jewelry!

Experiment!  You cannot go wrong! Have fun!

And remember, the most inexpensive way to update your wardrobe is with jewelry!



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