Discover How Your Old Jewelry Can SAVE You Hundreds of Dollars!


So what am I talking about? I know you have old jewelry somewhere – in your jewelry box, in a shoe box, in a handkerchief, that you have not worn in ages, but you just cannot part with!

Is it from a loved one?

From a special occasion?

From a vacation?

Was it a reward for all your hard work?

Had you always just wanted one?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then we need to get it out of the box and get you wearing it again!  But you are saying, it is dated or it just isn’t ME anymore. No problem.

Let’s redesign it into the new YOU with your current style in mind!

  • It can be taken apart and put back together with some new stones, beads, gems and different metals (gold, copper, silver, bronze).
  • We can maintain the integrity of the piece but add to it making it more current and trendy.
  • We can take those earrings and make them the focal point of a necklace (who would have thought?).
  • For those pieces from prior generations, we can divide up the components and share the new designs with as many people as you would like, suiting each piece to their personal style.

Case in point, my friend Linda had a necklace from her grandmother – an amazing strand of costume pearls from the 1950s. We designed necklaces for all the 5 women in her family! Each one had some of the pearls as well as additional beads that suited each woman’s style.  They were all beyond thrilled to have some of Grandma to wear with loving pride!

The possibilities are endless!  So don’t let them collect dust any more – get them out for the entire world to see!

AND, better yet, you have an unprecedented conversation starter! Let’s see where that leads!



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