Services and Programs

My Jewelry Artist offers a variety of interactive services formulated to fit every woman’s needs or wants. All of them are designed to serve you from personal (casual and fun) to professional (increasing your effectiveness and success) to elegant (celebrity coveted luxury). Whether you fall into any, some or all of the above categories, I promise to take your life to the next level!

Jewelry Design

We all have purchased a dress, suit, blouse, etc. only to bring it home and realize we have no jewelry to wear with it. Without the hours available to go from store to store, I can design pieces that will best reflect your personality,  color preferences, style and the impact you want to make! It can even be as simple as wanting a particular color, stone, gem, crystal or pearl with a particular metal (gold, silver, copper, bronze). Necklace or bracelet or earrings?

My signature pieces are innovative in design – crocheted with wire! A variety of  metals (gold, silver, copper or colored) are combined with beads, crystals and pearls of your choosing. The designs can be in the form of necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Even though the metal portion is the primary component and highly visible, the pieces themselves are not heavy – actually open and lacey in nature.

Jewelry Redesign

We all have our favorite pieces and even those that were favorites in days gone by, that just don’t seem to be “working” for us right now.  We love them but not in their current form. Together we can redesign those favorites and get them out of the drawer! Maybe changing the length? Adding more color? More strands? Just updating for a fresh and chic look? Combining your favorite elements from more than one into a single signature statement piece?

Signature Jewelry Style Program

For those who are looking to define or redefine their jewelry style, I offer extended programs where we work together on defining your best look beginning with your wardrobe and existing pieces. The next step is to analyze what is needed to complete your total Signature Jewelry Style. This can range from filling the gaps in your jewelry wardrobe to redesigns of existing pieces and beyond. The ultimate result is more success in every aspect of your life!

Event Presence

What better way to spice up a monthly meeting, “girls wanna have fun” get together at your home or corporate event than to have some jewelry to try on? I am thrilled to bring irresistible pieces from my collection for you to peruse and try on in a most comfortable setting – perhaps even inspire you to consult with me on custom designs. We all know that shopping together is so much more fun than alone!

Even better, I am available to speak about discovering your Signature Jewelry Style and how we can make those dreams of yours come true. Please go to the Book Sharon page.

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