How I Work

I love helping women look and feel the best they can!

On this page I will give you a sense of my guiding beliefs, approach to client projects and tell you the kind of results my clients have reported. We all know that when we look great we feel powerful, confident and courageous. I am here to help you attain those with jewelry pieces we design together!

Expected Results

Personal Service

Together we will determine what your needs are and arrive at a plan of action. It is my top priority to provide the highest quality service and expertise. My hours are flexible and we will schedule appointments to accommodate your schedule.

Designs Passionately Created

For many years now, jewelry has been my greatest passion. All of my piees are designed with love to offer you feminine and elegant beauty that you can wear all the time. Know that a piece of my heart goes into every design. My greatest joy is assembling strands of beads that do not seemingly go together and discovering the hidden beauty of their combination. You can trust me to design masterpieces for you that will be conversation starters!

Accessible Luxury

You most likely never dreamed you could have your own personal jewelry artist. Many jewelry artists focus their efforts on gold, silver and precious gems. Those are fine but many of us do not wear them all the time.  My designs for you, created in collaboration with you, are meant to shine and be a reflection of the awe-inspiring woman you are. Never will there be mediocre components but those that play an integral part of the total design.

Results Oriented

With so many options on how to refine your jewelry style you may not know which direction to take next, so you do nothing.  You continue to buy what is out there even though you are not loving it. Together we will determine your priorities and develop a plan to make your transformation (?) a reality in the time frame you need.

My Guiding Principles

Creativity is Key.  There is not just one approach that works for all women nor is there one style of necklace that “works” in all cases.  My thrill is helping you realize how powerful you can be and feel with amazing designs that no one else on the planet has! My promise to you is that once I create a piece, no matter how spectacular, it will not be repeated! Besides, there is no fun in making the same thing twice!

Making a Difference.  With this creativity handed down from my Grandmother, and with Divine guidance, there is no way I can keep this gift to myself. I long to help every woman shine her brightest light for all to see via the persona she conveys. I will help you figure out the unique factors that make you stand out.  I guarantee you will see results.

Details matter.  They say the work is in the details and I believe this to be true – especially in jewelry! In each design the tiniest bead is chosen to complement the overall statement. Nothing is left to chance! If a design does not look or feel “right” it will be modified till it does.

Quick Response. We are all busy, but it is very frustrating when you are working with a consultant that will not return phone calls or answer emails.  I make it a priority to respond to you when you call or email, in fact I guarantee a response will be made within 12 hours, but usually much quicker.

What makes me unique?

There are many jewelers these days to choose from, What makes me different? It is simple. The difference is my heritage of creativity in so many areas of my life – clothing, fiber artistry, painting, interior design, cooking.

But most importantly, I design for YOU.  Yes I do have pieces created that I just couldn’t help myself from designing – the beauty of the beads, colors, texture, just could not sit still any longer! But my joy is in taking your wants, needs and desires and fulfilling them beyond your wildest dreams. These pieces will inspire you to take advantage of greater opportunities, to take your business to the next level, to achieve the life you dream of!

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with me and my approach and philosophy of client relationships, please go to the Service Page to learn about the specific services and programs I offer.

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