Case Studies and Testimonials

As a jewelry artist, my passion is to design pieces for YOU. In the world today, there is so little personalization.  It is such a joy to uncover what a woman wants and create a design that exceeds her expectations! Here is just a sample of  when that happens…

Linda was searching for the perfect necklace for a new outfit. After spending countless hours in stores, she was frustrated and really felt that she had wasted her time when, as a business owner, she could have been doing more important things. So she turned to the internet and saw (what looked like) a necklace that would work – not thrilled, but do-able.  When it arrived she was so disappointed – the size of the beads much smaller than the picture.  We sat down and I asked what she liked about it and what she didn’t. So I took some away and we added some more!  What a transformation of the piece itself as well as when Linda tried it on!  She even wears it with outfits other than the one she bought it for!

Marie met with me one day about one of her favorite necklaces that was just not working for her anymore – it was too short.  We talked and she wanted the color scheme to remain the same, black and silver.  So I added 5 inches using only black beads interspersed among the original ones, and added a 3 inch extender so she can go even longer if wanted!  She admitted that she could not even tell where the new beads had been added – it all blended so well!

Sarah had seen some of my crocheted bracelets and necklace. She wanted a choker style necklace with 3 times as many strands woven together!What a challenge – I had never made one so intricate before! It was exquisite and she was thrilled.  The color palette was black, clear crystals and white pearls. It gets noticed every time she wears it!

Taylor was going to a very special black tie event and wanted to wear some jewelry in her hair to compliment her gown.  She was not an earring girl and a tiara was out of the question!  So in determining a monochromatic taupe color palette, I designed a braided flexible hairband of pearls in varying sizes. It could accommodate almost any hair style.  She was thrilled and was the center of attention.  After the event and knowing she would probably never wear it again, she returned it to me where I restrung the pearls into a necklace so those sweet memories come flowing back whenever she wears it!


An artist, Yvette, whose logo and art work centers around owls had no “owl” jewelry and really felt it was important to wear an owl. She commissioned a necklace from me and another jewelry artist.  She and I spent some time talking about what she wanted – natural colors, length about 30 inches, that would compliment almost anything she wore. She mentioned that her other favorite stone was turquoise. I found two cute owl pendants and and thought I would let her choose the owl. When presented with the necklace she was blown away primarily because I listened to her!  The other artist created an intricate piece out of sterling silver that was not anything like she wanted. By the way, she commissioned a second necklace using the other owl with turquoise as well as one similar to the first necklace for her daughter!

Thank you for the beautiful necklace you created for me! You have an uncanny ability to listen to an idea and from that create absolutely unique pieces or artistic jewelry. The quality of workmanship is beyond anything I have purchased in the past. I am a customer for life and will be sending all my friends and family your way! Thank you for your vision, the quality of your pieces and the use of color that you used to make my beautiful necklace.”

She immediately put on the necklace and was transformed – more confident, more smiles and thrilled when she began receiving compliments. Her new attitude has led to an increase of more than 200% in sales as a result of more engaging conversations!

Kristen and I were speaking one day about our favorite jewelry pieces and what do you do when they break or lose stones. She had a stretchy bracelet that had lost its stretch and some rhinestones. Turns out the links of the bracelet were 2½ long – perfect for a bib necklace. I offered it up and she hesitantly agreed to the transformation! Many times visualizing a dramatic change in anything can be difficult!

“I could not believe my eyes!  It looks like it was designed that way! No one believes it  started life as a bracelet. I wear it more now than I ever did! Sharon is my “go to person” for jewelry. She is truly an artist!”

Wearing that necklace is such a great conversation starter for Kristen especially when networking and revealing her own creativity in hair design.


The more unique our accessories are, the more we shine Wearing what we love enhances our own happiness!



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