About Sharon

My Jewelry Artist

Sharon Fay Bentkowski has many years of experience in helping individuals discover their unique gifts while encouraging and supporting them to achieve their dreams. She has increased awareness of the impact of expressing your (?) talents and gifts via what jewelry you wear because of her fresh perspective and successful results. Sharon has a proven track record of translating visions into reality.

Meet Sharon

Sharon Fay Bentkowski, Founder, Artist, Designer

Sharon is a third generation artist who was surrounded by creative role models growing up. Her Grandmother and Mother encouraged her in every aspect of creativity and by the age of ten, she was making her own clothes. Being the only left handed person in her family, she is self taught in her artistic pursuits. The joy of creating unique designs began at an early age and developed into an affinity for personal style.

Sharon has always enjoyed the outdoors and the splendor the Divine has gifted us with. The range of hues inherent to landscapes, flora, natural stones and pearls, provide the backdrop for her color palate. Texture, scale and style are at the forefront and only complement ????. Her inspiration comes from various sources – visualizing natural stones and gems together, color palette combinations, and most importantly, the woman herself.

Sharon’s passion is designing for her client – be it casual with natural stones, unique statement pieces, formal with pearls and gems. Her clear and deep listening is rewarded with client satisfaction beyond ?????  How rewarding to bring to fruition your heart’s desires!

Her strengths are developing a trusting relationship, bringing perspective to personal and business  issues, and creating concrete next steps.  She is a confidential advisor, sounding board, and coach to women where she balances support with challenge. She helps her clients master the essential leadership, confidence and interpersonal capabilities critical for their current role as well.

Sharon brings an enthusiastic, creative and colorful perspective to every design and client.  She understands the challenges of being a successful woman in today’s world, and can create the practical steps that achieve the performance enhancements for her clients.

Contact Sharon directly to find out more about how you can work together. Click here.

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